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We are a research group at the University of California, Riverside. Our lab currently focuses on tobacco-related diseases, electronic cigarettes, stem cell biology, and video bioinformatics. We collaborate with multiple groups to investigate the toxicological effects of nicotine, third-hand smoke, electronic cigarette fluids and aerosols, and their associated particles or contaminants on human health and prenatal development. By utilizing a "toxicology-in-a-dish" approach, we can evaluate the cytotoxicity of chemicals and agents in a high-throughput manner. Furthermore, we perform functional assays to examine overall cell health, organelle dynamics, metabolite production, gene and protein expression, and a variety of other endpoints. We also develop open-source video bioinformatics software: StemCellQC™ evaluates stem cell colony health by extracting data from time-lapse images, MitoMo™ uses machine learning to analyze and quantify changes in mitochondrial morphology and dynamics.

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